Kevin Kiley

Adam Schiff Comes After Us

Dear Friends, I need your help. Today is our pivotal end-of-month fundraising deadline, and Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell are leading a coordinated smear campaign against us to promote and bankroll our opponent, Jessica Morse. In a series of posts, Schiff and Swalwell shared a highly-produced attack ad video (screenshot below). Schiff said: “We need to rally behind Morse, defeat Kiley, and

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A Historic Debacle

Earlier this year Newsom “postponed” the State of the State address. We’re nearing June and it hasn’t been rescheduled.  The most publicity-seeking Governor in the country is turning down a major platform – not to mention ignoring a constitutional requirement – because he can’t defend his disastrous record. That’s the true State of our State. But

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