With the April 29 committee deadline approaching, the student vaccine bill, SB 871, has not been set for a hearing. And support is cratering. Even the radical school board in Berkeley just declined to endorse it.

If the bill does not advance, which appears likely, I’m calling on Newsom to withdraw his own K-12 mandate immediately.

When James Gallagher and I sued Newsom on June 10, 2020, the issue was separation of powers. We believed if COVID policy had to go through the Legislature as the Founders intended, there’d be less damage than one-man rule.

Two years later, the fate of the “Vaccine Work Group” bills is vindicating this belief:

  • AB 455: vaccine passport. Defeated
  • AB 1102: employer mandate. Defeated
  • AB 1993: employer mandate. Defeated
  • SB 1464: police defunding. Twice withdrawn 

Only 1 bill has passed a committee. I believe we can defeat all of them.

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