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We’ve killed three bills, arguably the three worst. But five remain active. The deadline for all bills to pass is August 31.

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SB 871would mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for all kids for school or child careDead
SB 866would eliminate parental consent for kids 12 to 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Age amended to 15.Has passed the Senate and is eligible for a vote on the Assembly Floor
SB 1479would require schools to continue COVID-19 testing and create new testing plansHas passed the Senate. Passed the Assembly Education Committee by a single vote on 6/29. Currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
SB 1018would require online platforms to disclose how health information is distributed to usersHas passed the Senate and two Assembly Committees. Currently in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
SB 1464would require police to enforce mask mandates and other “public health” ordersDead
AB 1993would require all employers to mandate the COVID vaccine for employees and independent contractorsDead
AB 1797would provide greater access and less privacy for the California Immunization Record DatabaseHas passed the Assembly and two Senate committees. Currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee.
AB 2098would subject doctors to disciplinary conduct for sharing COVID “misinformation.”Has passed the Assembly and passed a Senate Committee by a 9-4-1 vote on 6/27. Currently in the Senate Appropriations Committee.