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On Sunday, Gavin Newsom admitted he botched California’s COVID response. After years of viciously attacking me and anyone who opposed him, Newsom has acknowledged reality. “We would’ve done everything differently,” he said on Meet the Press. 

Yet he still absurdly denies he was at fault, claiming “hindsight” is 20/20 and “we didn’t know what we didn’t know.” I’ve released a statement setting the record straight. It begins: 

“We fought back against Newsom’s disastrous decisions at the time because they so clearly ran afoul of science, common sense, and the basic precepts of a free society. 

“California was the single worst state in every way: the most onerous school shutdowns, business shutdowns, and church shutdowns; the most draconian mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports; the most complete collapse of checks and balances, personal liberties, and self-government.”

Newsom’s admission of failure was part of a week of backtracking and embarrassment:

  • The Supermajority is repealing his COVID medical “misinformation” censorship law just one year after he signed it. The bill has been condemned across the political spectrum and roundly rejected by courts.
  • The Legislature is also repealing California’s Red State “travel ban,” which forbids state funds from being used in 26 states. The repeal gained momentum after Newsom was caught secretly vacationing in Montana.
  • After praising Biden’s open border, he is sending 20 National Guard soldiers to the border to “crack down” on fentanyl smuggling – a classic Newsom maneuver to make it look like he’s doing something when he caused the problems. My full statement here.

Finally, Congress returns to session today. The Speaker has announced an Impeachment Inquiry into President Biden. And on Thursday, there will be a vote on my bill to oust Julie Su as “Acting” Secretary of Labor, ending this unlawful seizure of power by Biden’s failed nominee.

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