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A motion to end the State of Emergency will be heard on August 11 in the Orange County Board of Education’s case against Gavin Newsom. Presumably he’ll be back from Montana by then.

Shortly after I sent my last post, Newsom’s mountain getaway was uncovered by a CalMatters reporter. The Governor’s communications director then tried to bully the reporter out of doing her job. It didn’t work.

The reason Newsom tried to hide his whereabouts is that California bans state travel to Montana and 21 other red states deemed insufficiently woke for our “enlightened” politicians. It’s an absurd policy that Newsom himself refuses to live with. 

In general, our politicians think they don’t have to live by the same rules as everyone else. For instance, legislators have set up their own private DMV. I authored a bill to shut it down so they’d have wait in line like everyone else. You can guess how that went over.

But back to the State of Emergency lawsuit: Newsom’s frequent vacations are another reason it’s illegal. This is an urgent matter, as LA is about to reinstate a mask mandate and the national teachers’ union is pushing for compulsory masking to start the school year.

As I discussed with Steve Hilton on Fox News, for two years we departed from America’s Founding principles like never before. It’s time to return power to local communities and their citizens.

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