Gavin Newsom has not been heard from since NPR’s bombshell report that he wildly deceived the public about fire prevention measures. NPR’s investigations editor is now asking Newsom: “What are you afraid of?”

This is not the first time Newsom has disappeared in the face of a scandal.


On Monday, Governor Newsom admitted our COVID case data has been wrong for weeks because of a major “glitch.” He hasn’t been seen since.

The data failure imperils public health measures like contact tracing, as well as the reopening of businesses and schools. After it was revealed, the Governor’s ubiquitous press conferences came to a sudden halt.

The Associated Press reports: “Newsom’s office did not respond Friday to questions about why he was not personally holding one of his frequent daily briefings to explain and account for problems with the CalREDIE data.”

The LA Times is also reporting the Administration became aware of the issue “days before” Newsom continued citing erroneous data.

Newsom’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, said the problem began with a “computer server outage” but was “compounded by the state’s failure to renew a 2-year-old certificate, meaning the state did not receive updates for five days from Quest Diagnostics.”

Said Dr. Ghaly: “We apologize. You deserve better.”

The result, per the AP, is that “county health officials say they’ve been flying blind, unable to conduct robust contact tracing or monitor health factors without timely information, especially at a time when parents are on edge about school plans.”

The AP asked for my response:

“Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, a Republican from Rocklin, called the backlog ‘disastrous’ in a state of 40 million with ‘people’s livelihoods hanging in the balance. It’s just absolutely unacceptable.'”

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