Sometimes, the dots connect themselves. Let’s start with today’s bombshell report that Gavin Newsom wildly misled the public about his fire prevention efforts:

“An investigation from CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom found the governor has misrepresented his accomplishments and even disinvested in wildfire prevention. Newsom overstated, by an astounding 690%, the number of acres treated with fuel breaks and prescribed burns.”

It’s hard to say whether the deception or the dereliction is worse. But there’s more.

At the moment, Newsom is trying to pass a new law to let him control when the Recall happens. After months of delay, he suddenly wants the vote sooner. His main supporter in the Senate explained why, writing that “fires” in the late summer or early fall are among Newsom’s “biggest threats.”

Returning to the NPR report, it’s clear why he’s so worried:

“Overall, California’s [wildfire] response has faltered under Newsom…fuel reduction output dropped by half in 2020, to levels below Gov. Jerry Brown’s final year in office. At the same time, Newsom slashed roughly $150 million from Cal Fire’s wildfire prevention budget.”

It appears Newsom is well aware he hasn’t prepared the state for fire season, so he’s trying to (1) deceive the public and (2) force a Recall vote before his deception is catastrophically exposed.

Our movement has a simple slogan: Recall Newsom. Save California.

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