Yesterday, the bill to let 12-year-olds get vaccinated without parental consent passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee on a 6-4 vote. But that committee passes literally everything. We can stop the bill on the Assembly Floor.

I spent 20 minutes questioning the bill’s author. You can read a recap of the exchange here and watch at the 2:02:30 mark here

At the end, I said to the author:

I’ll be blunt: I think you should withdraw your bill. It barely got out of the Senate. Ten of your own Democrat colleagues didn’t support it, and I do not think it’s going to get out of the Assembly. It’s a fight we don’t need to have; this is not a bill anyone is asking for. We need to move on.

I also had a message for the districts mistreating students by segregating them or excluding them from activities like prom or graduation:

I wanted to say to any school officials out there who are discriminating against kids, who are mistreating kids, who are depriving them of important formative experiences, that is absolutely wrong. It is un-American and it needs to stop.

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice of the 3rd District Court of Appeal has been expelled for inadequate job performance. This is the judge who reversed our court victory over Newsom. If not for him, one-man rule might have ended a long time ago.

Kevin Kiley
California Legislator

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