Two days before adjourning, the Legislature has passed a bill to make CRT a graduation requirement. You can see my Floor Speech against the bill here

Meanwhile, LA Unified is proposing a new mandate for students. Why should a district that can’t manage to teach reading or stay solvent be deciding anything about this? This is why I would terminate the State of Emergency.

In better news, we’ve stopped AB 1102 along with stopping AB 455’s chilling passport scheme. Now, we have to stop Newsom from imposing them by fiat. 

That’s what’s at stake in the Recall. Newsom also appears to be plotting another school shutdown and his allies in the Legislature are saying they plan “to rip apart the recall process” after the election. 

We have other plans. I’ve traveled to all parts of California, and I’m seeing enthusiasm unlike anything I’ve ever seen in politics. Please make sure to vote and tell your friends to do the same!

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