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Last night Biden delivered the worst-received State of the Union in history. My full rebuttal will be on the House Floor next Tuesday, but here is the reaction I gave C-SPAN as I left last night. One line I found particularly unbelievable:

“Not since the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today.” Biden seems to have forgotten the entire COVID era. So I reminded him of what life was like under the Newsom autocracy.

As it happens, we did unwind a bit more COVID insanity this week, passing legislation that forbids the Department of Transportation from imposing another mask mandate. This bill will become law by tomorrow.

I’m also leading a letter, on behalf of the Education Committee, to the 55 universities that still have COVID vaccine mandates. Our letter demands they drop the “unjust, unfair, and discriminatory” policy.

Overall, this was quite a successful week:

  • I officially introduced a Resolution to overturn Biden’s Labor rule that nationalizes Newsom’s AB 5. We now have 54 co-sponsors and are gaining major traction.
  • I’ve filed an Amicus Brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn disastrous 9th Circuit decisions that have stopped California cities from clearing homeless encampments and enforcing camping bans. 
  • I called for dismantling universities’ Orwellian “DEI” departments at one Education hearing and highlighted Newsom’s disgraceful war on school choice at another.
  • Headlines report our initiative to end Prop. 47 is “likely headed to the polls.” It’s true we are on track, but it’s vital we keep up the pace these final weeks of signature gathering. Please share End47.com with anyone who would like to sign.

Finally, we had a great showing in Tuesday’s Primary. It will be a major fight in November, but this initial result was a reminder of how many people believe our state and country are worth fighting.  

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