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Last night, I led off Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News with a simple message: the collapse of San Francisco is the ultimate case study for the failure of radical progressive politics. It is Newsom’s “model for the nation” taken to its end stage.

I noted that crime in SF is so out-of-control that employees at the “Nancy Pelosi Federal Building” – home to her office as well as the U.S. Departments of Labor and Health & Human Services – are being told it’s too dangerous to come to work. You can see the interview here.

As the nation watches his home city in freefall, Newsom just gave his most farcical performance ever. In a press conference dubbed “California’s Education Transformation,” he claimed our state offers the most “parental engagement and local control” in the nation.

For the governor who shut down schools, forced masks on toddlers, and even tried a child vaccine mandate – all by statewide decree – to claim the banner of parents rights is the height of delusion. But it’s also revealing: Newsom has realized his alienation of parents is a liability.

That same realization is why, in response to my questioning, Education Secretary Cardona point-blank lied about supporting vaccine mandates; Xavier Becerra made such humiliating statements about masking 2-year-olds; and FBI Director Christopher Wray threw AG Garland under the bus for the school board memo.

On the latter point: armed with the transcript of my exchange with Wray, I’ve sent a letter to Garlanddemanding he withdraw the infamous memo and rescind his directive targeting parents with law enforcement and counter-terrorism powers. 

Meanwhile, what we’re learning about the secret Chinese-run lab in Fresno is getting more alarming. With mounting evidence that Newsom’s Administration both funded the lab and kept its existence from the public, Speaker McCarthy and I have called for an investigation.

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