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Ten months ago, we were a voice in the wilderness. We warned that Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Julie Su, was a disaster as Newsom’s Labor Secretary and would be a disaster for America. But over weeks and months, our campaign to stop Su steadily gained momentum.

Yesterday, our victory became official. After 281 days, the Senate “returned” Su’s nomination to the White House without a vote. The radicalism, incompetence, and corruption of Newsom’s Administration was offered up to America in full measure – and America said no thank you. 

As described in Red State’s coverage, it was a team effort:

As Chairman of the Workforce Protections Subcommittee, Kiley led the charge to ensure Su’s nomination would indeed fail. Kiley was supported by his former California Assembly colleagues, who experienced Su’s incompetence firsthand. Kiley was also backed by groups like the OOIDA Truckers.

Su’s fumbling testimony before my committee might have been the year’s most disastrous – if not for the university president debacle. On that front, we’ve forced Penn’s President to resign and the pressure on Harvard’s grows daily; a needed earthquake is roiling “higher” education. 

Despite these successes, monumental problems remain. The Southern Border just saw the most illegal crossings in a single day ever. Sadly, this vindicates my questioning of Secretary Mayorkas in July, predicting that numbers would go up and he would duck all blame.

Even with respect to Su, Biden just announced he’ll continue the farce and “renominate” her next year. And on the campaign front, our opponent Jessica Morse – like Su, a Newson official – will be abundantly funded as the National Democrats have “targeted” our seat.

Still, we’ve won important victories, and have expanded our capacity to fight next year’s battles. Thank you for being part of our movement for sanity in California and America. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. 

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