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As Californians waited at the DMV for hours last year, Legislators had their own private DMV across from the Capitol. I tried to shut it down. As the Sacramento Bee reported:

“It’s all but impossible to find for those who don’t know what they’re looking for.

Room 121 rests at the end of an isolated hallway across the street from the Capitol, is locked at all times and has no signage whatsoever. The only indicator of its existence is a peephole outside the front door.

The special Department of Motor Vehicles office is closed to the public, and if one Republican gets his way, it will be closed to the lawmakers and Capitol staff members using it.

“This is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people,” said Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, “not an oligarchy where a gilded political class enjoys privileges that aren’t available to the people that we represent.”

Kiley’s proposal would prevent the DMV from operating any office that is closed to the public.” 

Did my bill pass? It didn’t even receive a hearing. And the exclusive DMV lives on.

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