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“I’m trying to save 40 million Californians.”

So said Gavin Newsom on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week. This “I alone can fix it” mentality is straining our system of checks and balances.

While the Legislature recessed for seven weeks, Gov. Newsom remade life in California. His 37 Executive Orders changed 175 state laws without any process. I’ve compiled them here: https://bit.ly/35GFZpP.

This unilateral lawmaking spans almost every code: Business & Professions, Civil, Welfare, Elections, Education, Health, Civil Procedure, Corporations, Family, Financial, Government, Harbors & Navigation, Labor, Penal, Public Resources, Revenue & Taxation, Unemployment, Vehicle, and Water.

Asked whether he’s overstepped his powers, Gov. Newsom falsely called the State Legislature the “second of three branches.”

It’s time for the Legislature to wake up. I’ve called on the Assembly Speaker and Senate President to set up a process to review each executive order and vote on whether it should be extended.

While only the Governor can declare a State of Emergency, the Legislature can terminate it “at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant.” This means we can negate executive orders where they aren’t warranted by current conditions.

From the beginning, the Legislature should have been an equal partner in getting California through this crisis. We could have brought the perspective of all Californians to our state’s response. That’s what needs to start happening now. It’s past time to get to work and remind the Governor that California does have a legislative branch.