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Newsom’s Health Secretary, Dr. Ghaly, just admitted there are no metrics for ending the State of Emergency. He added that even if it does end, Newsom will keep mask and vaccine mandates in place. The rule of law is officially a thing of the past.

Newsom’s disdain for the rule of law was clear after yesterday’s Rittenhouse verdict. He immediately attacked the jury. Ordinary citizens reaching a decision based on evidence – the design of our Founders – goes against everything he stands for.

In our trial against Newsom, the rule of law was the theme of my opening statement:

From this comes the most basic form of freedom – freedom from the arbitrary dominion and control of another. It’s what gives life to the premise that we as citizens are not mere subjects of state power but authors of our own political destiny. It’s what makes possible the great American experiment of self-government.

For 20 months we’ve fought to keep the spark of self-government alive. It’s starting to pay off. Monday’s rally against Newsom’s student mandate drew 2,500 people, and dozens more school districts have written letters or resolutions opposing it.

Even a Democrat legislator just agreed to introduce a bill to reinforce the personal belief exemption. Granted, the Legislature remains largely useless; a dozen members are currently hobnobbing with lobbyists in Maui on an all-expenses-paid junket.

That’s why we’ve taken matters into our own hands. Last year our institutions fell apart, and this year has been a horrifying version of Groundhog’s Day. But we can now write a very different story: restoring the rule of law, renewing the meaning of We the People.

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