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Democrats are in disarray at the Capitol. As one headline put it: 

GOP Move to Suspend Gas Tax Puts Assembly Democrats on Their Heels – the move pushed by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley left San Diego Democrats scrambling for a coherent response.

Spoiler alert: there was no coherent response. Some legislators claimed they hadn’t read the bill (it’s two pages). Others complained about the procedure I used, failing to mention they used the same procedure for other bills that very day. 

Seeing that these excuses didn’t wash, Democrat legislators huddled and threw together a new plan: give every taxpayer a $400 “rebate.” They rolled it out at a subdued press conference in front of the Capitol yesterday morning.

Truthfully, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the Supermajority propose returning money to taxpayers. That tells you how much Monday’s vote rattled them. But it’s no substitute for suspending the gas tax. 

Our Assembly GOP caucus is united, and every GOP Member of Congress signed a letter to Newsom supporting my bill. This really shouldn’t be partisan, though. We’re giving our colleagues on the other side another chance next week. 

Tell your Assembly Member no more excuses. Vote yes on AB 1638. 

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