The election to remove Gavin Newsom as Governor of California has been set for September 14. That means you’ll get your ballot (whether you asked for one or not) in the mail in mid-August.

Newsom has tried every trick in the book to avoid his day of reckoning. But now we finally have our chance to turn the page on this era of corruption in California.

This comes the same day I’ve released my fundraising report for this year. It’s the first in modern California history that includes no Special Interest money. We also shattered the state record for grassroots small-dollar donations.

Gavin Newsom, on the other hand, takes more Special Interest funding than anyone, and has already called in $20 million to fight the Recall. He serves lobbyists, not citizens. He personifies the corruption of our politics.

To reverse California’s decline, we need a new generation of citizen-backed public servants. We need to return sanity and decency to our Capitol. We need a revival of liberty and self-government across our state.

It all starts in 75 days.

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