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On Friday night, just hours before the deadline, California’s Governor took a sledgehammer to the First Amendment. Newsom signed AB 2098, the COVID medical censorship bill. 

I’m confident the courts will strike the new law down in short order. In fact, another law signed by Newsom was just deemed unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit; that one sought to shut down ICE detention facilities.

AB 2098 is horrifying and un-American. But its enactment was the exception this year: we successfully stopped the four very worst Vaccine Work Group bills and blocked all new mandates.

And we just notched another win. After receiving my scathing letter, Newsom’s ally Tony Thurmond backed off his scheme to delay the release of student test results until after the election. We’ve also added new endorsements to our Champions for Kids candidate directory.

Meanwhile, gas prices have reached a near record-high of $6.41 a gallon. Newsom’s solution: a new tax. In a hysterical Twitter video, he ranted that oil companies are “ripping you off.” 

Of course, it’s his government that is ripping us off. Californians pay the highest gas taxes and drive on the worst roads. As I told Laura Ingraham, this is why our politicians promote a cartoonishly “progressive” agenda: to distract from the regressive devastation of their policies.

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