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We just passed the anniversary of one of the most infamous days in California history. Four years ago, Gavin Newsom celebrated the arrival of COVID-19 as an “opportunity” for a “new progressive era.”

Marking the occasion, we held a Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional abuses of the COVID era. To counteract Newsom and Biden’s “COVID Memory Hole” – pretending things never happened – I asked Harmeet Dhillon to recount the greatest absurdities of the COVID era.

For Newsom, things keep getting worse. The homelessness audit that I initially requested has produced scathing headlines such as: “California Lost Track of $24 Billion Spent to Combat Homelessness.” I spoke with Fox about Newsom’s abysmal record.

In another hearing, on campus anti-Semitism, I questioned the President of Columbia University. While stunningly evasive, she did agree to fire some pro-terrorist professors; even the NY Times reports I got her to draw a “red line” against the radicals on her faculty. 

Our last such hearing, of course, forced the resignations of the Harvard and Penn Presidents. At my request, the committee is now expanding its investigation to California, starting with UC Berkeley.

Meanwhile, new documents show how the CDC and California Public Health Department failed to treat the secret Chinese bio lab seriously, despite its deadly pathogens. This comes after an investigation I requested found the CDC’s failure to investigate the lab was “baffling.”  

On Monday I’m attending the Grants Pass Supreme Court case. I’ve asked the Court, in an official Amicus Brief, to overturn disastrous 9th Circuit decisions that prevent California communities from clearing homeless encampments. This is a chance to restore some sanity.

Elsewhere on the path back to sanity: the Recall against the reckless district attorney in Oakland just officially qualified for the ballot. And with five days to go, it appears increasingly likely the End Prop. 47 initiative will qualify as well.

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