Gavin Newson has lost his lawsuit. A Judge refused to give him a pass on missing the deadline to list his party affiliation on the Recall ballot. As it turns out, he can’t change every rule he doesn’t like.

This futile attempt to place himself above the law is Newsom’s latest affront to the oath he swore: “to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California.”

I took that same oath yesterday at the Placer Elections office. I consider it sacred. The notion that written words constrain those in power – the rule of law – is what secures our freedom against arbitrary dominion and control.

Newsom’s latest machinations around masks show how deeply he’s eroded this freedom. There’s still a mandate, but it’s now up to districts to “enforce” it. If I were on a school board, I’d post it somewhere (perhaps a supply closet) and leave the kids alone. 

That’s a short-term fix to one problem. To all the problems in education – masks, CRT, indefinite closures, sham openings, not to mention years of decline and failure – there’s a clear ultimate solution. Empower parents with school choice.

Finally, tomorrow we’ll get the final list of who’s running in the Recall.  Anyone working to remove this governor and restore integrity to our government I consider a teammate. That includes other candidates on the ballot.

We have one opponent in this race: Gavin Newsom. Every word I utter (and every dollar I spend doing so) will aim to highlight Newsom’s corruption and usher in a new era of sanity and decency in California politics. 

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