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Gavin Newsom is considering a Special Session of the Legislature for a single purpose: raising taxes. That is the last thing California needs.

Newsom’s proposal, a new tax on suppliers, will inevitably make gas prices even higher. For those keeping score, prices in California are now $2.56 about the national average and our state budget has grown $100 billion since Newsom took office.

If Newsom does re-convene the Legislature, he’ll be sending the Supermajority into trap. I’ll use the opportunity to force a new vote on suspending the gas tax, and we’ll see if they’re willing to oppose it again as ballots land in mailboxes.

Meanwhile, two new reports are out. One finds homelessness went up 15 percent the last 3 years as spending exploded to 28 times what it was; the other describes new student math scores as so bad they’ve set off a “five-alarm fire.” This is Newsom’s “model for the nation.”

I’m running for Congress to stop the further nationalization of that model. Yesterday, at the famous Sutter Street Taqueria, I detailed my plans for reversing Biden’s economic trainwreck as our campaign announced the support of leading small business organizations.

Biden and Pelosi’s policies have absolutely crushed small businesses, and my opponent Kermit said the whole purpose of his campaign his to help them make “even more changes.” 

In good news, Dr. Jeff Barke has filed a lawsuit to strike down AB 2098, the chilling medical censorship bill just signed by Newsom. If this suit succeeds, which I believe it will, then the five very worst COVID bills will all have failed.

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