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This morning I joined a family who just lost their home in the River Fire. You can watch our video from the ravaged property here.

As catastrophic fires rage on, here’s what we know for sure: Gavin Newsom lied about the measures he took to prevent them and is now covering it up. 

First, he overstated his fire prevention efforts by “an astounding 690 percent.” Then his CalFire Chief removed the evidence from the internet. Now, an oversight hearing demanded by lawmakers was just cancelled – until at least after the Recall. 

In other news, we’ve received a major endorsement from Congressman Doug Ose. Doug had to end his own campaign after a heart attack. He’s feeling better, and joined me at the Capitol for a press conference covered by state and national media.

And tonight is the last televised debate. It will be online at KCRA.com. I’m looking forward to making our closing argument: Gavin Newsom is the poster child for the decline of California.

Once that poster is off the wall, we’ll have a fresh canvas. We the People can have any future we choose. 

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