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Vaccine passports would be a last straw for many Californians. I am introducing a bill to end this madness before it starts.

My legislation prohibits the mandating of vaccine passports “as a condition of receiving any service or entering any place.” I’m hopeful it will be voted on at the Privacy Committee’s April 22 hearing.

Having to surrender your personal health information just to go about daily life is an appalling notion, one utterly incompatible with a free society. Passports would inevitably come to be used for other purposes, extending the ethos of control from this last year into the indefinite future.

The Newsom Administration claims “there are not current plans to impose” a passport system. Yet it’s already taken a step in that direction with new guidelines for public events. And this is the same Governor who once promised he wouldn’t shut down schools and said “localism is determinative” on business restrictions.

Speaking of business restrictions, another of my bills, AB 54, will be heard next Tuesday. This legislation aims to restore licenses that were revoked for non-compliance with lockdown orders. That same day the bill I’m authoring with James Gallagher to stop censorship on social media will be heard by the Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, the anti-Recall chicanery has taken another turn. There’s a new bill to let the target of a recall (like Gavin Newsom) get the list of people who signed, so his cronies can harass them into withdrawing their signatures. Nothing terrifies our political class like a free and fair vote.

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