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I just left Chicago. We held a Special Judiciary Committee hearing examining the city’s out-of-control crime. In my five minutes, I noted that the shameful situation in Chicago is similar to SF and LA – and that this should never happen anywhere in America. 

This hearing comes amid growing fallout from my cross-examination of Merrick Garland. Biden now finds himself in an awkward position: his Attorney General and FBI Director gave contradictory sworn testimony on one of the greatest abuses of power ever.

Tomorrow, I’m chairing an oversight hearing of Newsom’s former COVID workplace czar, who has failed up to the same role for Biden. I plan to question him about the illegal employer vaccine mandate. Incredibly, the Administration is currently proposing new COVID work rules. 

Meanwhile, a debate between Newsom and Ron DeSantis has been announced for November 30 on Fox News. I’ve shared a list of ten questions to ask Newsom and am also planning a live fact check of his sophistry during the debate.

Newsom actually did something right yesterday: He signed SB 14. It was two months ago that I chided him for having “nothing to say about the Legislature voting that child trafficking is not a serious felony.” The next day, he came out in favor of the bill. Sometimes, public shaming works. 

Another example: Newsom just signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to reverse the 9th Circuit’s Boise decision, which is a barrier to clearing homeless encampments. Newsom of course just wants a scapegoat; still, Boise is a major problem and needs to be overruled.

On the other hand: the Legislature adjourned for the year without suspending the gas tax, even though gas prices in California are now $2 above the national average and 72 cents higher than the next closest state. Shaming has its limits when dealing with the truly shameless.

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