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While taking most of the year off, the Legislature still managed to send some ghastly bills to Gavin Newsom’s desk, which he has until the end of the month to sign or veto. Here’s the worst of the worst:

Anti-Semitism (AB 331): Makes “ethnic studies” a high school graduation requirement. The first draft of the curriculum was condemned not only as blatant propaganda but as horrifyingly anti-Semitic. The Legislative Jewish caucus wrote: “It is difficult to fathom why the State of California would want to actively promote a narrative about Jews that echoes the propaganda of the Nazi Regime.”

Prisoner Release (AB 2542): Under this bill, “practically every single conviction that has ever occurred in California can be re-opened and potentially reversed” if a prisoner alleges that offensive “words or images” were used by anyone involved in their case.

Sex Offender Leniency (SB 145):  Makes it possible for a 24-year-old convicted of sex crimes against a 14-year-old to avoid registering as a sex offender.

War on Charters (SB 820): The most despicable attack yet in California’s war on charter school and home schools, effectively stops them from accepting new students. 

Disastrous Budget (AB 86): Implements a budget where regulations are ratcheted up, not relieved; taxes are raised, not cut; liability is expanded, not limited; and AB 5 is reinforced, not repealed.

Insulting Meddling (AB 979): Tells companies how many directors from “underrepresented communities” they must have on their boards.

Skyrocketing Home Prices (AB 2231): Adds a staggering $84,000 to the cost of building a house as a giveaway to special interest union conglomerates.

Perpetual Gas Tax (SB 1351): Locks in place for 40 years the vehicle registration fees increased as part of 2017’s historic Gas Tax.

Nail in the Coffin: (SB 1383): Would force many more small businesses to close permanently with an onerous 12-week leave requirement designed to spawn crippling lawsuits.

Tax Overcharge (SB 815): Makes you wait an extra year for a refund if you’ve been overcharged on your property taxes.

BonusDespite a plethora of coauthors, the wealth tax and income tax hike both died. Some ideas are too nutty even for California, at least for the moment.

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