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Gavin Newsom just vetoed a bill I helped pass to expand mental health support for students. This adds insult to injury after all the damage he’s caused.

Worst yet, Newsom and his cronies are delaying the release of student test scores from last spring until after the election. They robbed students of their education and are now trying to hide the evidence.

Such shameless corruption is what’s galvanizing the movement of parent leaders taking over school boards. Today I released 40 more endorsements, bringing our Champions for Kids directory to 200 endorsed candidates. Search for candidates by district or zip code here.

This parent revolution is poised to set education in California on a new course. It will put parents back in the driver’s seat, return the focus to learning instead of indoctrination, and assure shutdowns and forced masking never happen again.

More than that, it will create model units of local government that respond to their communities rather than take orders from Sacramento or Washington. It will give Californians a direct stake in matters of the highest importance to their families. 

In this way, it is the greatest step yet in advancing the overarching goal of our movement: to restore the great American experiment of self-government by returning power to local communities and their citizens.

Our victories at the Capitol this year were crucial in making that possible. We killed the four worst COVID bills and stopped every new mandate. And as pressure builds for Newsom to veto AB 2098, the terrible medical censorship bill, I’m hopeful we have one more victory to come. 

Help us revive the American experiment

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