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A state senator is trying to mandate the COVID vaccine for kindergarten and up – without exemptions – starting next year. 

It’s the same senator whose previous legislation made California a national outlier by eliminating religious exemptions. This is not called science. It’s called an obsession.

The new bill comes as the LA Times reports that the number of families choosing to homeschool their kids has doubled. I can’t possibly imagine why.

Meanwhile, in New York, the State Supreme Court has struck down the Governor’s mask mandate as unconstitutional. It’s what our high court should have done when Gallagher and I sued Newsom. At least judges in one state are doing their job.

2022 is my last year in the Legislature, and I will fight with every fiber of my being to stop the assault on parental rights. I’ll fight with you to make this a turning point: where decency makes a comeback in California. 

With everything now on the line in our race for Congress, I was grateful to see this tweet from Ric Grenell: “I am proud to endorse Kevin Kiley. No one is better to put America First in the 3rd CD than Kevin. We are all in.”

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