Newsom has raised $65 million against the Recall, mostly from lobbyists like his French Laundry tablemates. They wine him, they dine him. They elect him, they own him.

By contrast, we’ve run the first major campaign for Governor in modern California history that is 100-percent citizen backed. Newsom, to be fair, did just receive one contribution from an actual person: George Soros chipped in $1 million.

Meanwhile, the Legislature adjourns for the year a few days before the election. Our victory over AB 455 will be short-lived if we don’t keep up the pressure and elect a Governor who respects the Constitution. As to AB 1102, we’re still waiting for the new bill to appear in print.

We’ve also learned one of Newsom’s worst abuses – attacks on religious liberty that were struck down 5 times by the Supreme Court – will cost taxpayers millions in attorney fees. If I’m elected, worship and fellowship will be beyond the reach of any bureaucrat.

But if Newsom survives, the abuses are sure to continue. In fact, it’s clear he’ll sign legislation to effectively abolish recalls. So another message for undecided voters: vote yes if you support this recall or if you could ever see yourself supporting a future recall.

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