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Newsom is now talking about appointing Oprah to the U.S. Senate. Seriously

Of course, there is no Senate vacancy at the moment. But as Dianne Feinstein continues to miss votes for health reasons, members of her own party are pressuring her to resign – or not – depending on their political self-interest. 

Pelosi reportedly wants her to say, while the likes of Ro Khanna have called for her to step down. Newsom, for his part, has been musing for years about pushing Feinstein aside; back in March of 2021, he tastelessly said he had “multiple names in mind” to to replace her. 

Yesterday I gave a speech on the House Floor proposing a novel idea: let the voters decide. Newsom already denied voters the right to choose Kamala’s replacement, instead conducting what he termed a “cattle call” and ultimately installing Alex Padilla

The last thing we need is an all-Newsom Senate delegation. I’ve introduced a Constitutional Amendment providing that Members of the Senate, like Members of the House, must always be elected by the people. 

Yesterday, I also sparred with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the House Floor. You can see the video here. The Congresswoman from New York asked when was the last time anyone said “the government does too much,” so I provided a few examples:

Shutting down our schools, businesses, and churches. Imposing illegal vaccine and mask mandates. Unleashing 87,000 new IRS agents on unsuspecting taxpayers. Going on a multi-trillion-dollar spending spree.

The reason for the theatrics from radicals like AOC is they know they are losing. We are perhaps days away from a historic moment for our country – where after years of uncontrolled growth, we actually reduce the size of the federal government.

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