There’s a new name in the mix for the Recall. You may remember him from his plaid ties.

At the time Donald Trump became President, Tom Steyer was already the biggest Democrat political donor in U.S. history. Nine months later, he launched a “Need to Impeach” campaign that would burn through another $75 million of his hedge fund fortune. In mid-2019, he began a vanity presidential run, spending $250 million without winning a single delegate.

This all apparently made an impression on Gavin Newsom. Last April, he tapped Steyer to lead California’s 80-member economic “recovery” commission. It turned out to be as much of a bust as Steyer’s presidential campaign and Newsom quietly scrapped the whole thing in November.

Yesterday, we received a clue as to Steyer’s next act. He was caught putting out a poll on the Recall with a list of candidates that included his own name. It’s the clearest sign yet that the bottom is falling out for Newsom, as he faces competition from his own high-profile appointee. Former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is also thought to be mulling a run.

On the Republican side, the declared candidates include Doug Ose, a former Member of Congress; John Cox, the 2018 GOP nominee; Kevin Faulconer, the former Mayor of San Diego; and Major Williams, who attended our trial against Newsom.

The name that’s generating an extraordinary level of grassroots enthusiasm is Ric Grenell. Grenell, who has not announced his intentions, is also offering some bold ideas on topics like infrastructure and is receiving nightly shoutouts from the likes of Sean Hannity.

As for my own plans, I am tremendously grateful for all of your encouragement. I am still watching how the field shapes up and thinking about what role I can play to be most effective in helping our movement get across the finish line.

Meanwhile Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nancy, just said Newsom should resign before the Recall if polls show that “no Democrat could win,” so that voters can’t choose his successor. That about sums up California politics.

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