Last night we got some crazy news. Newsom’s team messed up his paperwork so he won’t appear as a Democrat on the Recall ballot. He’s now suing his own Secretary of State to ignore the law and let him reclaim his cherished partisan label.

That capped off a surreal day at the Capitol. It started with California announcing a boycott of five states for supposed civil rights violations. Yet hours later, the Legislature itself violated international human rights standards by changing rules in the middle of an election.

Then, in the dead of night, Newsom made it official: by signing SB 152, he changed the timing of his own Recall in an attempt to suppress votes against him. It’s possibly the most corrupt act in California history.

As I blasted Newsom on the Assembly Floor, one legislator actually stood up and protested that I shouldn’t be allowed to criticize the Governor. This was too much for even the presiding Speaker, who dismissed him.

In the midst of all this, Newsom signed the biggest and worst state budget since our nation’s founding, totaling $263 billion. Below are excerpts from my speeches against the budget and the Recall bill. You can watch them here.

Recall: Every child knows the word for changing the rules in the middle of the game. It’s cheating. And every California voter should know: Gavin Newsom is cheating in the Recall, with this Legislature as his willing accomplice.

Budget: This used to be the state where anyone could get ahead. It’s now the state many can’t wait to leave behind. But I, for one, don’t see my job as divvying up the spoils on a sinking ship. I believe that with new leadership California can once again start leading the nation in the right ways.

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