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Kevin Kiley is a Republican California Legislator fighting back against the Supermajority and Special Interests at the State Capitol and Washington D.C. Sign up for updates to be part of our growing movement, and join other Californians of patriotism, decency, and common sense who want nothing more than to save our state and our country.

As a Legislator I sued the Governor and as Governor I wouldn’t hesitate to sue the President if necessary to protect the rights of Californians.

The Recall is a movement to restore constitutional government, and the stakes have just been raised. We can’t allow executive overreach at one level to be replaced by executive overreach at another.

As Governor, I’d use all tools at my disposal, including lawsuits, to protect Californians from attacks on liberty from the federal government or any quarter.

As to the election, I’ll be voting at a local polling place Tuesday morning. Newsom cast his ballot yesterday, and as he did, he exhorted people to “vote no and go.” 

I have a different message: vote yes and stay. Stay involved. We all have a part to play in restoring government by the people.

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