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Our Resolution to end the national emergency has now passed the House and Senate, and Biden has begrudgingly agreed not to veto it. The COVID era is over at last.

Sponsoring the Resolution was one of my first acts in Congress. It passed the House despite the “No” votes of 197 Democrats and a threatened Biden veto. But yesterday, the Senate passed it on a bipartisan vote – and Biden suddenly changed his tune.

This is why I’ve refused to accept that it’s futile to pass major legislation in the House while the other side controls the Senate and White House. The American people are on our side; by relentlessly applying pressure, we’re getting results.

Meanwhile, in California something else is about to end: the ban on official travel to red states. All it took was the Governor getting caught on vacation in Montana. We called Newsom out for this hypocrisy last fall and the pressure to end the ban has been building since.

At the Capitol this week, a Democrat witness insisted that if Newsom’s vile AB 5 law is nationalized, independent workers “will not be affected.” I responded by reading our “AB 5 Stories” book with the testimony of Californians whose careers were destroyed.

At a hearing on freedom of speech at universities, I received a first-hand account of the madness that recently unfolded at Stanford, and I proposed First Amendment training as part of student orientation at every university. 

Finally, I spoke on the Floor about the “incompetence tax” every California business has to pay because of Julie Su’s failures. Our campaign against elevating Newsom’s acolyte keeps gaining momentum, and Politico now reports she “faces a tough road to confirmation.”

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