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I was asked by the Ripon Forum, a prominent DC-based magazine, to write an article on who would be worse to have in the White House: Gavin or Kamala. It is a very tough question.  

Since the thought of either occupying the Oval Office is terrifying, I used the opportunity to describe how their shared radical politics have ruined San Francisco, are ruining California, and already infecting the rest of the country. (Read the article here on page 6.)

As it happens, this week marked a dubious anniversary: 20 years ago, Newsom rolled out his plan to end homelessness in San Francisco within 10 years. I marked the occasion by detailing the brutal facts of Newsom’s worst-in-the-nation record and his nonstop excuses.

With 2023 winding down, I was honored that the Pacific Research Institute recognized me in its Year-End Awards. Lance Izumi announced I’d received the Destined for Stardom award for being the “best and most trenchant critic of Governor Newsom and all the failed policies.”

While exposing Newsom, this year we also brought accountability to Biden and his corrupt Cabinet; I questioned as many Biden officials as any Member of the House. Forbes just released a “Supercut” of my “fieriest moments” and “most intense interrogations of Biden officials.” 

Yet there is so much more to do. I just joined the President of CSIS for a discussion of my plans to restore the United States to its place as the world’s leading innovator. And I’ve prepared a list of interrogatories for the CDC about its baffling failure to detect the secret Chinese bio lab.

While 2023 has brought some much-needed accountability, 2024 will be a make-or-break year for our state and our country. 

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