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The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously rejected Colorado’s attempt to remove President Trump from the ballot for the 2024 election. Just as the California Supreme Court unanimously rejected Gavin Newsom’s attempt to do the same thing for the 2020 election.

At the moment, though, Newsom has bigger fish to fry – or bread to bake. His latest corruption scandal, involving Panera Bread, is so bad he’s even lost the Sacramento Bee and the LA Times. The Bee calls it Newsom’s biggest “blunder” since the French Laundry. 

Newsom, we’ve learned, gave Panera an exemption from his “landmark” $20/hour fast food worker minimum wage law. It just so happens the main Panera owner in California has given over $160,000 in campaign donations to Newsom. They also went to high school together.

For Newsom, this is nothing new. He also auctioned off exemptions to his COVID vaccine mandate; gave over 100 exemptions to AB 5; and used “emergency powers” to give no-bid contracts to his major benefactors. This is why I’ve called him America’s most corrupt governor. 

But now, I’m Chairman of a Subcommittee in Congress with jurisdiction over workplace regulations. I will be using all available oversight powers to get answers about Newsom’s corruption. 

This latest scandal comes just at the moment Newsom has been waiting for. Influential Democrats are saying it’s “almost” time for Biden to drop out and “pick a new candidate.” Biden’s State of the Union, incidentally, is on Thursday; I’ll be offering a rebuttal afterwards.

Meanwhile, we’ve passed 500,000 signatures for the initiative to end Prop. 47. Thanks to all who have signed (share End47.com with anyone who hasn’t!). You can also read my op-ed for Fox News with DA Vern Pierson about the out-of-control crime in Newsom’s California.

In spite of all, I still believe California is the greatest state in the country. We just happen to have the worst political leadership.

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