Next Tuesday is the day we’ve been waiting for. At 9:30 AM, James Gallagher and I will face Newsom’s attorneys before the Court of Appeal. The hearing is virtual (so much for your day in court), but the upside is you can watch it live.

As something of a prelude, this week James and I presented our legislation to stop social media censorship. The big tech companies were there to testify in opposition.

The bill passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee, but only after the majority amended it on the fly so it does basically nothing. The chairman even suggested there needs to be more censorship. You can see my response to him here.

We tried to make reasoned arguments, but in a Legislature controlled by Special Interests, that counts for nothing. It’s like walking into an American store with a pocketful of Euros; at our State Capitol, logic and reason are not an accepted currency.

But in the courts, it’s supposed to be different. That’s why the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down Newsom’s disgraceful attacks on religious liberty five times. We’ll now see if this holds in the California court system.

I remain hopeful that the strength of our civic institutions will win out, and the Appeals Court – if not the Supreme Court – will affirm we don’t have dictatorships in America. Not of any kind, not under any circumstances.

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