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Yesterday, Gavin Newsom remarked to an interviewer, “I love when you say governor.” She then asked, wryly, “Not president?” Newsom responded, “No, not y—”

Not ever: If Newsom’s national ambitions weren’t delusional enough already, the collapse of his home city in recent days is making the point in dramatic fashion. 

Whole Foods just announced it’s closing its SF store, citing the “safety of employees” after 568 emergency calls in 13 months. Nordstrom is doing the same because of the “lack of enforcement against rampant criminal activity.”

And it’s not just San Francisco: new data shows California’s population dropped for a third straight year in 2022. Prior to Newsom, it had never declined once. This is the “model for the nation” we are fighting against every day. 

For instance, I just led a Special Order on the Floor of the House, where one Member of Congress after another joined our call to stop Newsom’s acolyte, Julie Su, from failing up to Biden’s cabinet. On this front, victory is in sight.

On another front, victory is accomplished – and sanity restored. Biden is ending vaccine mandates for federal employees and international travelers, in accordance with legislation I co-sponsored that recently passed the House. 

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