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At 1:00 AM on Thursday, the Legislature adjourned for the year.

I’ll send a more detailed report next week, but in short, our citizens movement showed its growing strength. Of the four worst “vaccine work group” bills, we stopped each and every one. Every single attempt to impose a new mandate failed.

While I’ll remain a California Legislator until December, this was my last day on the Floor of the State Assembly. To mark the occasion, a supporter sent me their list of my most notable Floor speeches. They’re posted at the links below:

10. Opposing “inflation relief package” that makes inflation worse (2022)

9. Supporting the rights of college athletes against the NCAA (2019)

8. Calling out the farce of “social justice” at our Capitol (2020)

7. Forcing a vote to end the State of Emergency before the Super Bowl (2022)

6. Condemning Newsom for cheating in the Recall by changing the rules (2021)

5. Opposing a bill to make CRT a graduation requirement (2021)

4. Defending charter schools and home schools from a vicious Newsom attack (2020)

3. Calling for the repeal of AB 5 and highlighting Newsom’s dishonor (2020)

2. Condemning Newsom’s school shutdown and proposing an amendment to open all schools (2021)

1. Blasting the Legislature on swearing-in day for surrendering to Newsom’s one-man rule (2020)

Looking back, I’m reminded of just how much insanity we’ve fought against. But I’m also reminded that no matter how outnumbered you may be, no matter how steep the odds you face, when the truth is on your side you can never be counted out. 

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