Nothing Gavin Newsom has done so far could’ve prepared us for this last week.

In elaborate taxpayer-funded events, he played a game-show host with a “Big Spin” lottery wheel, posed with minions and smurfs, rode a roller coaster, compared himself to Oprah for “giving away money,” and juggled like an actual clown. Politico described the surreal scenes:

His appearances have gotten so over-the-top that longtime political reporters can hardly believe what they’re seeing. “Am I on drugs?” said San Francisco Chronicle reporter Alexei Koseff, marveling at Newsom celebrating with characters in costume.

It was a stunning escalation in Newsom’s war on reality – the conjuring of a world apart from the homelessness, trash, and decay endemic to modern California. Newsom even went so far as to declare that his lockdowns somehow helped the economy. Fact checkers are roasting him for this insane claim.

Meanwhile, he is ignoring our letter asking him to justify the State of Emergency; is rolling out a vaccine “verification” system as my passport ban still awaits a hearing; and is refusing to follow my example and decline his pay raise.

If our next Governor has a mission statement, it should be Back to Basics: do the things government is supposed to do, do them well, and do nothing else. Because our current Governor is promising exactly the opposite.

A new anti-Recall ad ends with the six most ominous words I’ve ever heard: “Governor Newsom is just getting started.”

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