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Newsom was supposed to deliver his State of the State address today, but he just announced it’s cancelled. Given the train wreck he’d have to defend, I can hardly blame him. 

A New York Post headline says it all: “Newsom Very Bad Month.” That may be an understatement: 

  • Prop. 1 is so close to failing that Newsom is frantically trying to get rejected ballots “fixed” to “find votes.” Pollster Mark Baldassare says the campaign faltered for one reason: it “centered around” the deeply unpopular governor.
  • The latest job numbers show unemployment has increased again and is second highest of any state. 
  • New population numbers show California lost a net 338,371 people to other states over a one-year span. 

I emphasized this point last week, when I was invited to speak to the Washington press corps with the House Budget Chair: Biden’s disastrous economic playbook has already been fully implemented by Newsom in California. We can’t let him continue to foist it on America.

As we fight to stop Newsom’s failures from spreading, we’re also counteracting them in California:

  • We are nearing 600,000 signatures in the initiative to end Prop. 47. If you have friends or neighbors who’d like to sign, just direct them to End47.com.
  • I’ve filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court next month to enable California cities to clear out homeless encampments. (See my Floor Speech on the case)
  • After decades without new water storage for California, we secured $200 million in federal funding last week for Sites Reservoir.
  • Since I drafted my letter to universities that still have COVID mandates, several have already dropped their absurd policies. 

Meanwhile, I joined Sean Hannity to discuss the fallout from my questioning of Special Counsel Hur, which has put the White House in damage control mode. Things keep getting worse for Biden and Newsom – which means they can get better for our state and country.

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