Headlines say Gavin Newsom is “fully opening” California on June 15. What they should say is he’s continuing a catastrophic policy for at least another two months.

Newson’s bizarre announcement – the economy might open, schools won’t have to, and masks are here to stay – is as unlawful as it is incoherent. The Governor is legally required to end the State of Emergency “at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant.” There is no authority for a months-long political timetable.

Newsom recently said “we’re all geniuses in hindsight.” Yet the most ignorant errors continue at this very moment. He claims he “saved lives” with the nation’s worst lockdowns, yet our overall mortality rate has gone up more than in 45 states. And we’re still dead last at returning kids to school.

The Legislature, meanwhile, still hasn’t passed my Resolution to end all restrictions or my Amendment to open all schools. It’s almost as corrupt as Newsom. But at least our hearing with the Court of Appeal is just two weeks away, with a chance to end one-man rule for good.

I’m also drafting a bill that I’m more hopeful will be voted on this month. As Vice Chair of the Assembly Privacy Committee, I’ll be introducing legislation to stop the madness of vaccine passports before it starts.

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