I’ve been removed as Vice Chair of the Education Committee. This is retaliation for fighting back against Newsom’s corrupt school policies. Putin would be proud.

They’ve tried this before. A few years ago, there was a malicious bill to stop highly qualified young teachers from working to close achievement gaps in the inner city. Having been one of those teachers, I spoke out against the bill and helped defeat it.

As “punishment,” I was moved to the smallest office at the Capitol. They thought this pettiness would make me stop fighting. Of course, it had precisely the opposite effect. The same will be true this time.

Newsom and the Legislature are owned by Special Interests whose business model is trapping students in failing schools. That’s the reason for their unrelenting assault on parent rights. It’s why they’ve used COVID to make kids as miserable as possible.

The fact that they’d take away my position now is telling. It shows our movement is threatening the entire corrupt system. It’s getting bigger by the day, and our opportunities in this coming election are boundless.

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