The UK is not requiring masks in schools, based on a “very strong” expert consensus that the harms to kids exceed the benefits. This will be my policy as Governor.

As far as the new shot mandates, which no other state has, Newsom just confirmed their purpose is entirely political: he’s running anti-Recall ads attacking us for wanting to reverse them.

While Newsom’s ads rely on fear-mongering, mine aim for optimism. We have a new mail ad as well as a 2-minute video ad titled “Not a Second to Waste.” 

There are two debates this week. Tomorrow’s in Sacramento will be on the radio and Thursday’s in San Francisco will be televised. This comes as a poll shows the Recall is a dead heat.

Finally, I’ve heard the concern that having a few strong candidates might “split the vote.” Jenna Ellis, the lawyer for President Trump, explained why that’s not an issue:

Having multiple strong replacement candidates is actually helpful toward the goal of ousting Newsom since different candidates will turn out different supporters who will all vote YES on Q1. Support @KevinKileyCA. He can win.”

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