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A new LA Times poll shows Newsom’s “standing among California voters has hit an all-time low.” As he absurdly calls California a “model for the nation,” a majority of Californians – the voters in his own blue state – are calling him a model of failure.

Yet Newsom is “running for president,” as Senator John Fetterman just stated, adding that Newsom just doesn’t have “the guts to announce it.” As polls show Biden will lose a general election resoundingly, the talk in DC is Newsom will be subbed in at the last moment. 

This comes as Roll Call has published its much-waited profile of me. The headline: “Gov. Newsom’s biggest critic might be this California Congressman.” The article notes that I love California but “rarely pass up the opportunity to express how loathsome” Newsom’s actions are.

It continues: “Kiley sees it as part of his mission to keep the flame alive” against Newsom and “make the case in Congress that ‘the brand of politics that has prevailed in the state is not where we want to go as a country.’”

Meanwhile, in a major legislative win, we have denied funding to California’s high-speed rail in the House Transportation Appropriations bill and secured money for roads instead. In a Floor Speech today, I called the bullet train the biggest boondoggle in U.S. history. 

And LA Mayor Karen Bass is taking major heat following my letter calling out her Sanctuary City hypocrisy. As Red State’s story puts it: “Rep. Kevin Kiley Rips LA Mayor Bass for Her Request for Federal Assistance to House Illegal Immigrants.”

Finally, our opponent Jessica Morse has come out in opposition to my amendment that prohibits toddler mask mandates. While appalling, this is hardly surprising. As Newsom’s “Deputy Secretary,” she was at his side throughout the COVID insanity. 

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