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It’s over. Newsom’s final scheme to sabotage the End Prop. 47 initiative just failed. He tried absolutely everything, and we beat him every time. It is the most embarrassing episode for a governor in modern California history. More importantly, it is a historic win for Californians. 

Newsom’s final Hail Mary was the most warped plot yet. He tried to strong-arm the Supermajority to put a competing Prop. 47 “reform” initiative on the ballot in order to confuse voters – even though the deadline had already passed. This was killed in 48 hours.

We will now have the chance to set our state on a new course in November. You can see right here the official certificate from the Secretary of State certifying the initiative for the ballot. 

Newsom has now fled the state in humiliation, to meet with Joe Biden at the White House. This comes at an extraordinary moment in American history, as the odds seem to be turning in favor of Biden dropping out and either Kamala Harris or Newsom replacing him.

In either case, we are prepared to make sure America knows what they have done to our state. You can read my article about the starring role Newsom and Harris both played in the collapse of San Francisco. And my book about Newsom from 2021 can be read for free here.

Ironically, Newsom and Kamala are threatening to take their catastrophic failures national at the very moment we are starting to overcome them in California. I gave a speech on the House Floor titled “A Path to Sanity,” about the opportunity we now have to reverse years of decline.

With the Supreme Court ruling our way, parks and streets can now be free of homeless encampments. And with the End Prop. 47 initiative on the ballot, crime can finally become illegal again. That’s why I am as hopeful for our state as I’ve been in a long time.

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