Gavin Newsom is refusing to stop California’s highest-in-the-nation gas tax from going up even more. “You can’t have a free lunch,” he explained

No, you can’t. But you also shouldn’t pay for filet mignon and get served dog food. You shouldn’t pay the highest taxes and drive over the deepest potholes. That’s the story of Gavin Newsom’s California: we sacrifice the most and get the least in return.

These next 67 days are our chance to show why: political corruption. For instance, Newsom has pulled in huge money from High-Speed Rail contractors after their award doubled. Yesterday, he pocketed $5 million from the massive Special Interest behind AB 5, a law that destroyed the livelihoods of countless Californians 

At tomorrow’s Campaign Kickoff Rally (10 AM at the Capitol), we’ll hear from one victim of that law, as well as victims of Newsom’s lockdowns and school closures. You can see the lineup of speakers here. Each of our campaign rallies will begin with testimonials from the parents, workers, small business owners, and others who have suffered. 

In other news, I’m honored to have received a rare endorsement from RedState

Although he currently represents the 6th district, he has become known as “California’s Assemblyman.” We at RedState believe that Assemblyman Kiley has the right experience, attitude and vigor to lead this state to better times for all Californians, regardless of party or ideology.

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