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Gavin Newsom has received a national award for “transformative improvements to education.” Next, the Cookie Monster will be honored for promoting health and fitness.

Sadly, it is not a joke. Newsom was in Washington, D.C. yesterday to collect the “Frank Newman Award for State Innovation” from the so-called Education Commission of the States. His delusional acceptance speech was dedicated to attacking “red states.” 

I’ve written a letter to the Commission condemning their baffling choice. You can read it here. Apparently, the decision was based solely on the fact that California spends a lot of money. Never mind that we get the absolute worst results.

Newsom is now considered by many pundits to be the likely Democrat nominee if Biden doesn’t run. If elected to Congress, I will make sure every American knows what he’s done to California. It will be the biggest landslide defeat since Reagan swept 49 states. 

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