The signature deadline was this Wednesday, and the tally is 2,117,730. Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to build the greatest citizens’ movement in California history.

Even Newsom now admits the election is on and says he’s “worried” about being ousted. This week he launched his anti-Recall campaign with a national media blitz, hoping for a more sympathetic audience outside of the state he’s running into the ground.

To aid his efforts, he recruited a trio of failed presidential candidates: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker. Newsom himself offered up a fusillade of falsehoods in appearances on CNN and The View:

  • Newsom: “I’ve been living through Zoom school.”
  • Reality: Newsom’s children are enrolled in private school with in-person instruction.

  • Newsom: “I’ve been a strong advocate for safely getting our kids back in person”
  • Reality: California ranks 50th out of 50 in getting kids back to school.

  • Newsom: “47 out of our 58 counties have reopened.”
  • Reality: Only 4 counties are even in the orange “tier” and only one is in yellow.

  • Newsom: “We have lower death rates than the vast majority of states…much lower than Florida.”
  • Reality: California’s excess mortality is 7th highest in the nation, and its COVID mortality rates exceed Florida’s in direct age group comparisons.

  • Newsom: “By no stretch of the imagination is what happened in California [with EDD fraud] unique to California.”
  • Reality: According to Bank of America, “the scale of program fraud in California is unique.”

  • Newsom: “California’s economy is going to come roaring back.”
  • Reality: California currently has the nation’s second highest unemployment

  • Newsom: The “Republican Recall” is driven by “right-wing militia groups.”
  • Reality: Hundreds of thousands of Democrats and Independents have signed.

With his lies and smears, Gavin Newsom is trying to divide us in order to stay in power. That’s one more reason he needs to be removed. By breaking free of America’s most divisive Governor, we can come together again as a state.

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