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The Newsom presidential bubble has burst. We’ve exposed the disaster he’s made of California, and the national party wants nothing to do with him. 

The unofficial eulogy for the campaign-that-never-was just appeared in the Wall Street Journal under the headline, “What Ever Happened to Gavin Newsom?” The sub-headline: “He was a rising star a few months ago, but bad governance and the phony factor caught up to him.”

I want to thank the dedicated readers of this blog for all your help getting out the truth. For instance, when I spoke for 30 minutes on the House Floor about Newsom’s top ten lies in the Fox News debate, you made it one of the most watched YouTube videos of the year. 

Now, Newsom’s approval rating in California is at an all-time low, and the vast majority of Californians say the state is on the wrong track with him as Governor. Together, we’ve stopped this disaster from afflicting the rest of America – at least for now.

In other good news, the consensus is Monday’s Supreme Court case on homelessness will result in what my Amicus Brief asks for: ending the “right” to set up tent encampments near schools or any public place. 

But a different kind of encampment is now appearing at colleges, occupied by pro-Hamas lunatics. USC just caved to them, calling off its commencement. Sadly, this same class also missed high school graduation because of COVID lunacy. We’re looking to cut off federal funding.

And in response to the secret Chinese bio lab found near Fresno, I am sponsoring the Prevent Illegal Laboratories Act. This legislation will track who is buying dangerous pathogens so we can uncover any other such labs.

Finally, the End Prop. 47 initiative has very likely qualified for the ballot. Even Elon Musk has adopted our slogan – “Make crime illegal again” – in a tweet with 80 million views. This November, I’m confident California voters will make it a reality.

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