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This is why we are suing Gavin Newsom. He’s perfectly willing to torch the Constitution to grab a few headlines.

On Wednesday, Newsom issued his most lawless Executive Order yet, banning gas-powered vehicles by 2035. “California will be leading the nation in this effort,” he crowed about an edict that no one voted on it – not the Legislature, not the people of California.

Here’s what happened: Newsom wanted to ban millions of cars, so he just did it. That is specifically what our entire system of government is designed to prevent.

Not only does Newsom’s Order make a mockery of the separation of powers in California’s own Constitution, it also flagrantly defies federal law in violation of the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

We are also immediately bringing this to the attention of the Judge in our lawsuit. Last week we told the Superior Court that Newsom has used the State of Emergency to normalize one-man rule, issuing unilateral decrees “as a default mode of operation.”

This latest Executive Order is now Exhibit A. Newsom didn’t even bother to invoke “emergency powers.” Autocracy is just the new normal in California.

As to the substance of the Order: the future of clean energy is being driven by entrepreneurs and innovators – not vainglorious politicians like Gavin Newsom. He’s just getting in the way by pursuing policies in the most divisive, heavy-handed, and self-promotional way.

Meanwhile, Newsom ignores the backwards regulations and botched forest management that are most responsible for catastrophic wildfires, which have brought so much devastation to so many Californians.

Imagine how much more tolerable 2020 would be if we had a Governor who treated the people of California with half as much solicitude as the national press corps.

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